Career counselling starts with mapping a person’s needs, opportunities and dreams by using sociodynamic method, it focuses on discovering and encouraging the abilities and potential hidden in the person. Counsellor provides information about available educational and labour market opportunities, economic and labour market forecasts, and compiles realistic plan and, if necessary, attractive CV and other relevant documentation.

Target group: working and non-working adults, university students, students

Duration: up to 2 hours (plus mentoring by e-mail, summing up, reviewing CV, and giving literature recommendations)

Price: 180.00

students and unemployed people 150.00

follow-up meetings 150.00 euros

Location: Gonsiori 27

Counsellor: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

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Psychological counselling by using psychodrama method

Counselling focuses on finding necessary resources to make changes in life and situation enactment. Psychodrama is a creative method that uses theatrical concepts and forms of drama to describe, analyze and solve life and human relations and that allows visualizing the issues that would remain hidden in verbal analysis. The goal is to find innovative perspectives and solutions to problems through inner wisdom, spontaneity, and awakening of creativity.

Duration: 1.5-hour session (recommended to have at least 6 sessions)

Price: 180.00, follow-up meetings 150.00 euros

Location: Meeting in the counselling room at Gonsiori 27

Psychologist and psychodrama director: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

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