No matter how caring the employer, we still tend to run out of motivation every now and then. The people, content of work and management are not the ones to blame for that, the reason lies in microscopic nuances that consume our energy.

The aim of workplace happiness training is look inside oneself, see the opportunities and resources available inside and around us, contemplate about the philosophical meaning of our job and find our own personal (workplace) happiness formula.

Subjects covered:

– Changes in work philosophy. Differences and expectations of X, Y and Z generations. Future forecasts, i.e. what people generally expect from life. What is the number of careers that can reasonably be expected to be achieved during one working life? What constitutes lifelong career and workplace happiness formula?

– Key competencies and lifelong learning or how to stay in competition.

– Self-management methods. Snowman of balance.

Goal: receive new energy and boost to act, feel better connection to the company, see colleagues as development vitamin

Method: interactive lecture, assignments, group work

Target group: all employees, group size up to 20 people

Location: employer’s premises

Duration: 09.00 – 17.00

Lecturer: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price: 2800 + VAT


Today it is difficult to find a company that would carry out 360 evaluations and performance discussions just for the sake of formality. If you cannot go on the old way and do not know how to do it the new way, how would you proceed?

Carrying out 360 live and performance discussions by using interactive methods ensures that the person begins to think along and is willing to take responsibility. He or she would also know how to use his or her team members as development vitamins.

Goal: understanding oneself, becoming aware of own development potential, supporting self-realization, receiving and giving feedback

Method: group performance discussion by the sociometric method

Target group: teams of organizations (3-12 members)

Location: employer’s premises

Duration: ca 3 hours per team

Performed by: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price:  starting from 2000 euros + VAT per team or agreed price


The employer will save time (e.g. only 2.5-3 hours instead of 5-10 one-hour meetings). The employer can see all candidates in equal situations. Even those candidates who will not get the job will still be positive marketers for the employer.

Personal feedback to all group interview participants.

Goal: finding the most efficiently suitable employees for the company, i.e. people with the best cooperation potential who would have a fruitful career in this particular company.

Method: value tests, sociometric, work in pairs, roleplay assignments, group work

Target group: Employers who wish to strengthen their employer’s brand and to choose the most suitable employees. One group interview can be held with up to 12 candidates

Location: employer’s premises

Duration: preparation for ca 2 hours (creating assignments) + group interview for 2 hours + analysis for one hour + personal consultation of candidates for 2 hours

Recruitment consultant and career counsellor: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price: 3500 euros + VAT (carrying out one group interview, feedback to candidates, employer consultation)


It is no secret, that majority of people in Estonia are pretty exhausted – if not all the time, then at least by spring – and some of them often burn out. Society poses high demands: cope with family life, be good at work, build personal reputation, repay bank loans, plus the hunt for future happiness. All this is quite a big challenge.

In order to be happy at work and in life, we need air and space around us. However, in daily life, the ceiling may fall rather low, when we operate in the circle of obligation-responsibility-result. The more aware we are of ourselves, of our weaknesses and also our strength and opportunities, hidden resources, the greater balance we can bring to our daily work and personal life.

A person is like a diamond in rough, we can cut various facets during our life to shine. This training allows taking a fresh look at your life and find hidden resources to be happy.

Goal: learning better self-awareness and self-management, finding personal power sources, stress management, increase in work-related motivation

Method: interactive lecture, assignments, group work, creative works

Target group: employees of one company, group size up to 25 people (or bigger group)

Location: agreed

Duration: 6 hours (can be done as part of another training or during corporate summer days)

Lecturer: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price: 2800 euros + VAT (includes lecture, materials, plus individual feedback for participants)


Labour market in postmodernist society is characterised by rapid changes, flexibility and adaptability. That is why we have to be ready to embrace the fact that people will move towards the goals that they are personally interested in. Personal satisfaction is in the centre of their career and thus they sometimes wish to leave the company or the company feels that it could not be on the same page with all people.

Goal: Helping the people leaving work to see new opportunities, analyse themselves, and find their potential. Get feedback to CV and other documentation required when applying for a job. See previous employer in positive light and even contribute to positive reputation of that employer.

Method: interactive discussion, sociodynamic counselling

Target group: leaving employees, people searching for self-realisation

Duration: 2 hours + 2 hours + mentoring

Counsellor: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price: 500 euros + VAT


Time management training is intended for people who have to make daily decisions relating to better time management. This includes those who are constantly in a hurry and have loads of assignments and those who tend to dawdle and postpone everything.

The course views time not as a limitation, but as an opportunity in life. We will study it through our roles and so-called general life plan. We also introduce more than 12 time management methods, of which the participants can choose the one that suits them best, and even invent new methods on the spot.

Goal: understanding the importance of time, becoming aware of timewasters, compiling a more healthy personal time plan

Method: interactive lecture, creative assignments, group work

Target group: group size up to 20

Location: employer’s premises

Duration:  6 hours

Lecturer: Tiina Saar-Veelmaa

Price: 2800 euros + VAT